Lionel Messi and the title of World’s Greatest Player will never be separated again. What fate owed this magical boy was paid in full on the magical night of Lusail. Tears fall but glory is on the head: Hello the new king of football!

There are many ways to live a fulfilling life, the Messi style is probably the best. What’s crazier than being in the most important match of a person’s life, the mood goes on a roller coaster trajectory. Messi is truly a son of fate with a father who loves to joke around. He teased Messi over and over again, but in the end he still gave him the reward he deserved.

The host country Qatar is so delicate, they prepare a royal robe to put on the winner. He holds the golden trophy, walking on a large platform shaped like infinity. Isn’t this a miniature Messi career? At the age of 35, Messi still has no limits.

This final deserves to be recorded in the annals of mankind. Emotions are so suffocated that even the bravest, most sophisticated men have to cry in the middle. Tears fall and then have to dry, bends appear consecutively. Where is Messi in the middle of the vortex?

lionel messi

There was a time when people thought that Messi was lost in his own destiny. Shot Lloris up to 3 times, but Messi did not catch anything, leaving everything to Montiel’s right foot.

Perhaps few people notice, it was Messi who lost the ball leading to France’s 2-2 equalizer. If that is the last mark of La Pulga in a match where Kylian Mbappe is equally excellent, the football pole will officially change.

But even with his hat-trick, Mbappe still has to be sad to be number 2 in the world. Messi with reflective return, used all the remaining energy to balance Argentina. The South Americans really never stopped enjoying the game of chance, putting themselves on the tightrope and creating the most unbelievable final in history.

No more bowing, no more accepting, Messi fiercely protested the calamities falling from the sky. Messi’s fighting power was terrible, running and shooting until the last minutes of the main period, and even the last minutes of extra time. Until the penalty shootout, the Argentines were also forced to push Messi to the front line.

After all, Messi has fully completed all his tasks. He played with fate to the very end, competing in a game where he always failed. But in the mystical Middle East, at the final 32-team World Cup, a glorious medal is closed with Messi’s radiant face etched above it.

In the end, fate had to give in to Messi and recognize him as “the greatest”. When it was very close to the end of a long career of 2 decades, La Pulga really took on its true form as the “golden goat” in the legend.

messi family picture

Wife and children, parents, brother and sister of superstar Lionel Messi enjoy the joy of Argentina winning the world cup.

messi family picture